Amazing QUEST welcome dinner 2013

Thanks to all of you coming to share our happiness…welcome to our warmest home – QUEST!!!
Hooray! Keep on Quest Spirit!
More celebration is coming up!!

Group 1

Marie_Mandy 2

(Director Marie and Mandy gave a welcome speech.)

Mandy_Tunde_Christophe T_Jayce

(Mandy, Tunde (our office interior designer), Christophe T and Jayce (recent Olympus camera TVC))


(Mandy and Marie enjoying the nice hairy crab)

Kristen Li_Kim Ei Ah

(Quest Kristen Li and Kim Ei Ah)

Marie_Mandy Melanie_Marie

(Left: Director Marie and Mandy/ Right: Melanie 胡惠珊 and Director Marie)

Marie_Dave Lin

(Marie and Dave)

Dave Lin_Sherena_Mandy Mandy_Melanie

(Left: Quest Dave Lin, Sherena with Mandy/ Right: Mandy and Melanie 胡惠珊)

Kim Woo_Kim Ei Ah_Mandy_Ange Chu_Kumiko_Melanie_Jonathan_Jino_EmmaXie

(QUEST Kim Woo, Kim Ei Ah, Mandy, Ange Chu, Kumiko, Melanie, Jonathan, Jino, Emma Xie)

Kim Ei Ah_Kelly_Kim Woo_Mandy_Angel Chu_Kumiko_Melanie_Jonathan_Jino_EmmaXie

(QUEST Kim Ei Ah, Kelly, Kim Woo, Mandy, Angel Chu, Kumiko, Melanie, Jonathan, Jino, Emma Xie)

Kim Woo_Jin K_Jino

(Quest Korean group Kim Woo, Jin K and Jino)

Kim Woo_Kim Ei Ah_Jino_Jin K

(Quest Kim Woo, Kim Ei Ah, Jino and Jin K)

Kumiko_Kim Woo

(Quest Kumiko 清穗久美子 and Kim Woo)

Annette Li_Angel Chu

(Quest Annette and Angel Chu)


(Quest Ceci, Kristen, Kelly, Jonathan Wu and Emma Xie)


(Our main guests….hairy crab)

Angel Chu_Annette_Hayden_Melanie

(Quest Angel Chu, Annette, Hayden and Melanie 胡惠珊)

Aline T_Daniela W_Milan

(Quest Aline T, Daniela W and Milan)

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